Her red curls are her out selling point, as well as her great versatility – and Madlen Kaniuth has often proved that. Whether sassy and cheeky in comedy series or as a lascivious-murderous beast in crime thriller, the native German lives and loves acting.

That she would like to stand in different roles on stages of this world, she already knew as a child.

So it is not surprising that Madlen, after she graduated from high school in 1993, was trained professionally in drama, singing and dancing in Berlin to approach her dream piece by piece.

First engagements in which she was able to prove her acting and singing qualities were not long in coming: “West Side Story” (Opera Bonn), “Anything goes” and “On the town” (Staatstheater Oldenburg), “Cats “(Capitol Theater Dusseldorf) as well as several leading roles in musicals and musical galas that went on tour in Germany and Europe are just a few.

Madlen has remained faithful to the vocals until today and is front woman of the cover bands “80Special” and “Nightliners”.

She also loves to play theater. Whether classic, boulevard theater or – as recently – in four pieces at the Volkstheater Millowitsch in Cologne, on stage Madlen feels at home and loves to play live in front of an audience.

But she is equally enthusiastic about her work in front of the camera, because the 44-year-old became known for her consistent role of the lively secretary “Brigitte Schnell” in the German RTL soap “Alles was zählt”.

In addition, she has also appeared in a variety of other German TV productions, such as “Pastewka”, „Die Anrheiner”, „Die Sitte„, “Unter Uns“, „Die Camper”, „Notruf Hafenkante“, „Hotel 13 “, „Tatort“ or „Wilsberg “.

She also plays lead roles in commercials or short films, some of them have won awards.

Her international film debut was a supporting role in the Italian film “Le Anime Veloci”. This was followed by the movie “Happy End”, which received very good reviews and awards, especially at many international festivals.

Even sporty Madlen is very versatile. She loves to horsebackride since she was a child. In addition to all the “everyday” sports activities such as fitness, jogging, swimming, hiking, etc., Madlen made her windsurfing license a few years ago, as well as recently the DGV Golf handicap.

Charity work is a matter of the heart for Madlen. She is very proud to be the ambassador of Kinderlachen e.V. and the DKMS.

For dsai e.V., Patients’ organization for congenital immune deficiencies, Madlen did her first synchronization work. In “Immune in the cartoon” she lends her voice a sick little girl.

In 2015, Madlen released her first book, which was published by mvg Verlag, Germany. It is called „Dicke Beine trotz Diät” (“fat legs despite diet”) and is about the disease Lipedema. Madlen advocates that the disease receives more attention and education.